Gábor Mészáros

PhD student

I am PhD student at the University of Pannonia. My supervisors are Prof. András Liker and Prof. Tamás Székely. During my PhD I study the relationship of the sex ratio and the social behaviour is in vertebrates because of significance of the evolution biology and the conservation. In the Bachelor and Master degree I researched the effects of the different conservation managements on frogs in Hortobágy Natural Park. I am interested in the phylogenetic comparative researches in relationship with adult sex ratios of vertebrates, because I think these results are usefel and importante in the use of the practical conservation.

Scientific activities:

Conference presentations:


Dr. Nolwenn Fresneau and Gábor Mészáros: In search of demographic drivers of sex role reversal in the pheasant-tailed Jacana. (in English) ÉLVONAL Shorebirds Meeting (Debrecen, Hungary)


Department of Limnology, University of Pannonia,

Wartha Vince street 1, Veszprém, Hungary

E-mail: meszaros.gabor.930328@gmail.com